Home groups

Home groups were the original inspiration for the London Piano Circle, and provide members an opportunity to play and try out pieces on which they are working in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. (Home group above on members barge.)

Hosts typically live within the London area. We try to arrange groups in varying locations, and on different days of the week to try and accommodate as many members as possible. Be sure to contact your host in advance to secure your place and also to let them know if you have to cancel, even if this is at the last minute, as there may be a waiting list and someone else might be pleased to have your place.

( Home Groups)

Wednesday 19th October, – 2.30pmJanice ShersbyTW10

Saturday 12th November, 2pmSheila CurtisE17

Thursday 24th November, 12noon,- Clare Sunderland, NW6

Saturday 21st January 2023, 3-5pm, -Sumyee, Peregrines Pianos, WC1

Sunday 5 February 2023, 2pm,- Ann-Gaëlle Cox, NW2

Sunday 19th March, 2.30pm,- Carolyn Howe, EN5

Saturday, 13 May, Gerald Levin, N3 1BE,

Saturday, 10 June, Judith Serota, EC2Y.

We now need more volunteers please! It would be great to put together a forward Homegroup list for the next few months.

Please do let me know if you can and would like to host a group in 2023.



(Full addresses and contact details of hosts are provided by email.